the focus

The focus is hard to describe. The thinker in me is quiet, simply observing. I am intensely present – watching, listening, feeling everything going on around me – yet I am removed from the situation. I take everything in, yet not a single thing affects me. Cameras whiz by, spectators shout, announcers announce excitedly, my competitors perform; like a wild animal I instantly and subconsciously assess each potential threat, each false trigger of my nervous system, and ignore it accordingly. With utmost patience I remain calm until the time is right. I have one purpose in this moment and there is not a fleck of doubt tainting my belief in my fulfilling this purpose, nor a snag in the armor guarding my intent. Like the hungry predator, in all regards I am invincible in this endeavor. I am in the zone.

My focus is as unwavering, my gait is as smooth, and my agility is as striking as the fleet footed wolf. Yet my hunt is the heptathlon. The intense two day competition puts my mental and physical fitness to the test. Thanks to my relentless training, I am ready.

The Focus

The Heptathlon

The Accomplishments

The Personal Bests