A commitment to being GREAT

Florida sunrise

A few things happen when we venture from home.

Firstly, whether we are having the time of our lives or we feel completely out of place, eventually home beckons. We miss our usual routines, our spot on the couch, the scene outside our window. We wonder how the changing seasons have since painted the sights and smells of our neighborhood, with brush strokes that are too subtle to notice in day to day life.

Another inevitability with leaving home is that we’re never the same people when we return, assuming our journey is temporary, of course. While away we see and do things that change what we think about and, in extreme cases, the actual way we think – our attitude and outlook on the world.

I’ve returned home after this latest training camp with several new technical cues and concepts to focus on. But I think more importantly I’ve gained a more mature attitude as an athlete. As we do something for an extended period of time we get complacent and may end up doing things simply for the sake of doing them. We lose sight of the purpose of warm up exercises and running drills, and may check out mentally until we consider the real workout to have started. But I’ve been reminded that everything I do at practice must be with the aim of learning something or actively reinforcing key skills. If I am not learning, then it is using time and energy that could be more wisely invested elsewhere.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but a great journey begins before that, with a commitment to being great.

If we approach everything we do with the intent to learn new things and reinforce good habits, we shall become masters of our trades before long. Be great!


2 thoughts on “A commitment to being GREAT

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a lot of inspiring moments at training camp this year. That’s a great testament to your wonderful outlook on life as well as the fantastic coaching you received while at camp. A new year and a new season is always exciting – so glad that you’re starting on such a positive note. Good luck to you and your teammates this year!

  2. Great insight into living a conscious life. We all need to make conscious choices when learning new skills and participating in mindful activities. Your brain becomes a super brain.

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