Polar Hamstring Stretch

Polar Hamstring Stretch

White Chocolate (2012)

Consider my chocolate addiction history! Either that, or I just don’t like white chocolate all that much…

I’ve been wanting to carve into some chocolate for a while now, and am really happy with how workable the chocolate was. The chocolate melted very readily, even through a couple layers of plastic, so it was a bit of a challenge to keep it from softening and bending beneath my fingers while I worked!

Carving from a photo is interesting, as it’s tough to imagine the view from alternate angles. A quick clay figurine was a helpful reference piece and helped to get me thoroughly acquainted with the form at the outset.

I finished off this stretching fellow with some black rice for facial features, and some cute candy snowflakes.

Goofy polar bearClay model The choco block Roughin it outGetting there Faceless


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