2012 United Way StairClimb

Photo courtesy of Mike Maloney, London Community News
United Way CEO Andrew Lockie poses with Olympian Damian Warner, Michael Ray Richardson, London Lightning coach, and I in front of One London Place

Today is the day! Damian and I are set to run the stairs at One London Place in just under two hours…and we’re ready to go.
I read an article about preparing for a stair climb and it advised tapering your stair climb training in the final week leading up to the event. Damian and I are in the middle of a hard training week and have worked out twice a day each day this week, including a tough hill workout yesterday. So tapering, we have not.
However, the article recommended lots of intense visualization, and I’ve been visualizing like a madwoman! Throughout all of these imagined stair journeys, I think I’ve come up with a good race strategy. It is top secret until after the “race” this morning; working together in an heptathlon is one thing, but in this stair climb I can’t give my competitors a single edge!
If you are able to pledge Damian and I in the climb, please click here and follow the instructions to provide a secure online donation to the United Way of London and Middlesex.
Here is an article from the fundraising campaign launch a couple of weeks ago.
I’ll let you know how it goes!


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