Pumpkin Carving Practice


Pumpkin carving: wolfHalloween is fast approaching. For two highly competitive people who are always questing for the sweet taste of victory, pumpkin carving offers a fine battleground.

Understanding that preparation is key to any victory, Damian and I invested in a “practice” pumpkin on which to experiment using various wood carving tools and random kitchen utensils. The carving tools are fantastic at slicing through the pumpkin’s skin, and they slide easily through the flesh to allow as much or as little light through the walls.

We started with a gutted pumpkin, leaving the walls at their thickest (which makes the whole process much more enjoyable, since scraping the pumpkin walls is arguably the worst part of traditional pumpkin carving!). We stuck on our desired images and used pins to highlight major landmarks, like the tip of an ear, the hunch of a shoulder, the length of a leg. Once we connected the dots with a pen, we went to town slicing and carving, occasionally switching off the lights to see the effects of the candlelight through the carving.

“We need to have a chat.”

Now, onto our REAL pumpkins!




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