White Board Flowers

White board crayon on 34″ x 22″ white board (2012)

This past summer my roommate and I thoroughly took advantage of the numerous white boards we had around the house. In addition to diligently updating a board with daily inspirational quotes/pictures (stay tuned for a “Diurnal Delights” post coming soon), and creating a leader board with which we followed the progress of our training partner Damian Warner in the decathlon at the Olympics, we used a couple of giant boards, including this one, as dining room decor.

I relished in experimenting with the various markers and waxy white board crayons we had on hand, and I chose to replicate the following picture taken by another training partner and brilliant photographer, Mark Scherle. The idea of a single, distinct focal point standing out in an image intrigues me a great deal. In hindsight, I think the black outline of the background flowers detracts from the blurriness that I was trying to emulate, but I’m still pleased with the overall image. A couple of months later this board remains on display in the dining room, though this is largely because the crayons are so hard to erase!



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