Sketches of Cuba

Ink and watercolour pencil (2009)

Between training camps in warmer climates in North America or Europe, and competitions staged around the world, I have enjoyed the opportunity to travel as a track and field athlete.

Busy schedules and the need for fresh legs rarely allow for much sight seeing. However at the 2009 North America, Central America, and Caribbean (NACAC) Multi Event Championships in Cuba, my teammates and I jumped at the chance to take a stroll around Old Havana, sketchbook in hand.

The palm from above, as seen above, was captured out of my hotel window, while the building facade (above a little striped bug and the Cuban flag) and the common car below were sketched on the go.

My Mom told me that I wrote from right to left when I first experimented with writing, and I readopted this natural style in my teenaged years upon learning that Da Vinci also wrote this way in his sketchbooks. Presumably he did so to protect his brilliant ideas, but considering I can barely read what I write, I think I will stick to simply labelling my sketches this way (and keep my brilliant ideas – written forwards – under lock and key!).



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