Big things behind, big times ahead!

A couple of shots from my trip out West this past weekend. From Mount Washington to Wonder Mountain in a single leap!

A relocation, plane rides, and track meets…it has been a busy spring!

Upon my return from Italy I moved in with with the spirited Ehrhardt sisters (@Ehr_max and @jackiehrhardt) and am overjoyed with their delightful company. Our nearly diurnal adventures and fits of uncontrollable laughter are major highlights, and it’s always helpful to have the support of people who know firsthand what you’re going through. Never underestimate the favourable influence of likeminded, driven individuals!

I’ve also had some fantastic trips in the last month. Beginning where this blog last left off, I competed at the Multistars Meeting in Desenzano, Italy at the beginning of May, followed a couple weeks later by the PanAmerican Combined Events Cup in Ottawa. Finally, this past weekend, I had the opportunity to travel out west for the Caltaf Track Classic and the Harry Jerome Invitational in Calgary and Vancouver, respectively. More on these exceptional experiences to come!

Today marks exactly two weeks from the start of the Canadian Track and Field Olympic Trials! A tune up meet this weekend followed by a reposeful week of tapering and it’s quite literally off to the races! If this two week notice is not hot enough to light a fire under your bottom, consider watching this video!


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