AZ bound


I’m all packed and more than ready for the next round of summer adventures! First stop this year is Tucson, Arizona for the Jim Click Shootout. We compete Thursday and Friday but I’ve been raring to go since last week!

It seems the biggest challenge is keeping the mind humming comfortably in the days leading up to a competition. When there is so much time between preparing for a trip and when the gun finally goes off, the mind has a tendency to rev up every so often, setting the body along on a crazy roller coaster ride too – not ideal.

Cue blogging! For me it’s a great way to keep my mind occupied, while sorting out my emotions and getting in the mind set of a champion. Psychology is a huge factor in sport, and I’ve been working to recognize the mental state that is ideal for me, and how to achieve that state every time.

I’ll get deeper into that later, when I’m not reading, watching some superstring theory lectures on DVD, and being entertained by the delightful company of my fellow travelers…

And we’re off!


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