How was YOUR parade??

The track equivalent of that question is prime conversation material at or shortly after a track meet. “How was your race/competition?” some people had great days, setting new PB’s or placing well, while others occasionally had disappointing performances. Different answers for different folks.

I never expected to hear that question after a parade. We’re all marching perfectly in step playing the same song (albeit different parts), at the same time, following the same quarter master with the same drum beats leading the way. How much room for variation is there? Add in the unique mentality that automatically comes over you when you steady up in your ranks and begin marching and that question makes even less sense. When we hear the bass drum “boom, boom-boom” and every left foot touches down at the exact same time, we are no longer individuals but a collective. We are each a necessary link in the chain, filling out our formation and playing or strengthening a unique part of our song. It isn’t until the bass drum goes silent and our feet go still for a brief moment before we scatter with a celebratory cheer and clamber back on the bus that the concepts of ‘you’ and ‘I’ again exist.

It’s on the bus ride back where I realize just how different our experiences were. Between being amused by the little dude in spiderman pjs dancing during the entire 20min halt we had, or having a stray candy cane stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe, or negotiating the sunken sewer grates in the middle of the road throughout half the parade, or picking up a fallen drumstick, there are many versions to the same story. I’m just glad there were no horses ahead of us…so far.

Great, I probably just jinxed my beautiful white shoes!

MY London Santa Claus Parade last night was great, how was YOURS?


I’m currently en route to Maple for another parade this afternoon! I’ll try to get a pic of the jolly old guy…


4 thoughts on “How was YOUR parade??

    1. Good one indeed! BTW since day 1 I’ve been so impressed with the fact that the band is student run…you guys do an amazing job organizing everything! Thaaaaanks Steeeeeeeeen and exec 😀

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