Best Homecoming EVER.

Are YOU Purple?

Tunic and instrument rental: $60

Shako: $30

White gloves: $5

White walking shoes: $50

Playing in front of 10,000 people at your Homecoming football game: Priceless

What a great experience!! I never thought I’d see the day where I would wake up early on Homecoming Saturday morning, head to campus to don a tunic, shako, and the most flattering white pants imaginable, before piling on a bus with the rest of band, instruments in hand, to travel to the start of our Homecoming Parade. After an official band social the night before it felt like an especially cold, early morning but I couldn’t stop smiling. I had put my school’s baritone back in it’s case at the end of my last music class in 2005, and didn’t think I’d look back. But I’m hooked once again!

After yesterday’s busy day of playing (the Homecoming football game followed the parade) the whole experience is stuck in my head. I keep thinking I hear the rat-a-tat of the snares and the persistent bass drum booming on the gusting wind. I also find myself falling into step with anyone around me… I transformed from being an extremely nervous marching rookie (an alumnus rookie?) to a Marching Band MACHINE. Now I just need to memorize the music so I can actually see where I’m going…

I would also like to note that our school fight song has already gotten a bit old…we played it after every touchdown and, needless to say, we scored our fair share of them (as usual)! My new GoPro Hero camera was fixed to my baritone and captured some of the parade from an instrument’s perspective…I’ll work on putting something together soon!

I know it’s often said that “you should try something new every day”, but seriously, everyone should try something new every day. Whether it’s a drop-in flying trapeze class at the Toronto School of Circus Arts or joining a community band, it’s the MOST INCREDIBLE FEELING to challenge yourself to something that you’re not sure you can do. You will definitely get a rush and have fun, and it’s certainly not the end of the world if you suck (excuse my language, Grandma), but you’ll probably be O.K. at it!!!

Time to get a foot massage… :p


One thought on “Best Homecoming EVER.

  1. Love the post! Can’t wait to see what you put after we do the Toronto Santa Clause Parade. That’s a whole ‘nother experience! See ya at practice!

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