What a relaxing morning!

I’m off to China in a couple of hours!

Yes, I know, it is amazing that I am sitting with my feet up, eating a fruit salad at my computer! I thought I was a last minute kind of packer, where the car pulls up to take you to the airport and you’re emptying the fridge of it’s perishable contents, grabbing 10 pairs of socks, brushing your teeth, and putting ink in your printer to print off your itinerary. Well, without too much effort (…any effort, really) I’ve become a second to last minute packer! I readily admit, this is a much nicer way to begin a trip.

Until yesterday, I was downright scared of this trip…the looming long travel day, the unavoidable culture shock, and basically all the unknowns that beget a traveler to a new land. So why the change of heart yesterday? I received my passport complete with Chinese visa in the mail at 1pm…22 hours to spare! What a relief. It turns out my anxiety was purely out of fear that I wasn’t going to get to leave the country and very little to do with where I’m going.

Now I can hardly contain my excitement for the adventure that lies ahead!!! I’m in the best shape of my life and ready to rock the long jump and heptathlon at the World University Games, and quite simply it feels like “the world is my backyard”.

Now, where to hang my hammock???


3 thoughts on “What a relaxing morning!

  1. Jen, you are on your way to a great adventure! Enjoy every minute of it and keep your fans informed!! We are all very proud of you! Love, Dad

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