Earth Day Yoga in the Park

Reconnect with yourself and your community while enjoying a rejuvenating yoga workout in London’s Victoria Park every Thursday at noon!

Our group at Yoga in the Park this past Thursday (photo courtesy of Mattae Katolyk).

Many lemons and members of our community kicked off the outdoor yoga season with a class dedicated to the earth this past Thursday, and though it was rather chilly (about 4ºC) we had a wonderful time. The sun joined us in strategic bursts and I think I had my nose in squirrel poop…though before long it simply became another welcome dimension to the class.  After all, not everyone is able to enjoy squirrel poop!

Community tree poses...shall we say forest pose?? (Photo courtesy of Mattae Katolyk).

Hope to see you in the park!  Just not in the next couple of weeks…Tucson training camp coming right up…

p.s.  Happy Birthday Mom!!


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