The Odyssey

Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship

Not Homer’s Odyssey, just to clarify.  Though upon a perusal of the sparknotes plot, I think I’m going to have to investigate this literary masterpiece in greater detail!!

Now I feel like Frodo and Homer!  And Shadow from Homeward Bound

My point is, I am on a journey to the Olympic Games and although the path ahead is surely fraught with what some may refer to as “obstacles”, I am confident that with the aid of my Aragorns and Athenas, and my paramount determination to crawl, dirty and broken out of any dark holes that I may find myself in, this chapter of my story will have a happy ending too!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, for lessons have been imparted upon this eager student at every turn and I am precisely where I am because of it all.  From my family and friends, to my coaches and teammates, to my formal teachers, to the parking lot attendant I chatted with today, to the girl on the train a few years back who was smiling contentedly to herself as she looked out the window, to the tree I climb to reach the other tree that I like to sit in, to the spider on the tree that I like to sit in…  Thank You.

The only reason I have the confidence to entertain a vision of achieving my goals is because of you.  I only vainly hope that in some way I have reciprocated a fraction of this inspiration back!

As I mentioned, my ultimate goal is to represent Canada in the heptathlon at the Olympic Games next year.  For those reading who are unfamiliar with athletics administration procedures, I must be selected to the Olympic team after achieving a standard set by our national sport organization, Athletics Canada, next spring – a standard that I have achieved several times already (in my head).  For the mp3 (the newer version of the record), I’ve already been on the Olympic podium a few times too (need I say it, also in my head)…feels better than I can imagine!

This summer I aim to gain more international experience, while achieving the standard to qualify to be nationally carded.  This entails continuing to improve in each event in the heptathlon, with special emphasis placed on the throwing events.  I AM A THROWER (just so you know).

If you’re interested in learning more about my track pursuits (like boring point totals and pbs and heptathlon jibber jabber) feel free to visit my facebook page.

Thanks so very much for reading and tune in next time for…



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